Punch and Judy - Practical Considerations



The price depends on what you want and how far I have to travel.  For individual customers booking, say, for a party, the length and ease of the journey may be something that needs to be thought about.


My Theatre

The show can be set up either outside or indoors.

My booth will usually fit into a room in a house.  Its dimensions are (height, width, depth)

7' 1¼" (216.5 cm), 3' 9" (114.5 cm), 3' 1" (94 cm).


The Show

A show lasts about 25 minutes.

I have a self contained public address system.

I like to leave an hour to set up, but this may vary depending on how far I have to carry kit.

For outside events, the booth should be sited so that the audience is not looking into the sun.

If outside, contingency in the case of wet weather is advisable. 

It is inadvisable to site the show near noisy attractions, power generators, fairground rides and simultaneous stage or arena events.  The Punch and Judy Show will be much less successful if it has to compete to be heard.


Age of the Audience

My show is aimed at a family audience.  Very young children may, however, need the comfort of an adult by them.


Counties Served

I serve Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, BANES, Bristol, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

This list is not exclusive.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements

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